What Was Up With Charles Barkley's Shirts Last Night?


Charles Barkley, like Jerry Seinfeld before him, wore a very interesting shirt on NBC programing last night when he was a guest on coverage of Stanley Cup’s Game 7. The Round Mound of Rebound showed up to the Bruins’ rink wearing a blue golf shirt — the very type you’d see him sporting while doing that full-bodied dry heave of a golf swing — but added a long-sleeve button-up for his on-air performance.

There are several possible explanations here.

One, Barkley underestimated how chilly they keep hockey arenas and simply got cold, then put the second shirt on for warmth, like an office receptionist would use a work sweater. Or Barkley was asked to put on a dressier shirt by NBC and a mad scramble yielded one that actually fit but was also blue.

Barkley could have also been in a Joey Tribbiani situation where he was gradually trying to layer up with every shirt he owned. Unlikely but native advertising persists.

The polo could have also had a logo or mustard stain on it, rendering it unfit for a national television audience.

Most troubling and also possible is that he just likes the way this looks.

Whatever the case, we now wait with bated breath to see if this new style catches fire with the kids. This is what everyone could be looking like in a few months, people. Something to keep an eye on