What the Tigers Did to Sergio Alcantara After His First MLB Homer Is Disgusting

Kyle Koster

Sergio Alcantara made his Major League Baseball debut for the Detroit Tigers on Sunday. It could not have gone better as he swatted the second pitch he saw over the left-field fence. Alcantra's contributions were part of a wild, come-from-behind victory that included the first career win for Kyle Funkhouser and first career save for Bryan Garcia.

After the much-needed win, it sounds like the Tigers veterans participated in some light hazing. Though Funkhouser and Garcia were tight-lipped about the locker room happenings, Alcantara provided the necessary color.

""They put me in a cart where they put the laundry," Alcantara said. "They drove me to the showers, and they threw whatever they found in the clubhouse, from shampoo, taco meat, even mayo. It's a very nice experience down here.""

Sounds absolutely delicious. The type of concoction your drunk roommate comes up with before a kind soul steps in and puts a stop to it. Or the type of thing you do to him after he passes out.

This baptism actually sounds like a pleasant experience. Try to remember the last time you were happy enough that slopping around in a trough of assorted foodstuffs and hygiene products wouldn't have bothered you. Probably been awhile.

Also, one shudders to think what a Top 10 list of most disgusting baseball locker room occurrences would look like. Best not to, really.