What the Heck Is Isiah Thomas Talking About??

Ryan Glasspiegel

This tweet from Isiah Thomas has crossed my timeline a number of times today, and I have done a quadruple take to make sure I understand what his argument is:

Whose version of history has devalued the champion?? Does he watch basketball discussion on television or read about it online? LeBron James and Kevin Durant left the Cavs and Thunder in large part because they did not want history to judge them for having high statistical outputs but no rings. The basketball media are sharpening their knives to shiv Giannis Antetokounmpo if the Bucks fail to win a title this season, and have already started speculating on where he'll play later when he's not a free agent until after next season.

Karl Malone has the second most points of all-time. Does anyone count him amongst the top 10 players in NBA history? Nearly the entirety of the unyielding MJ vs. LeBron debate would be irrelevant if not for Jordan's having double the rings. Is there anyone who would prefer, say, Kyrie Irving over Isiah Thomas?

The whole basis of legacies is championships. If anything, the conversation skews TOO far in that direction, and the regular season has become a six-month exhibition before the real games start. I can't figure out who Isiah Thomas is arguing against here.