What Does ESPYs Stand For?

Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Sports' biggest red carpet night comes smack-dab in the slowest stretch of actual action. Which makes all the sense in the world because that way more people can attend. The highlight of the early-June sports calendar is the ESPYs, ESPN's annual night of awards that allows everyone at home to see what all these athletes look like outside of their uniforms.

The 31st annual installment airs July 12 at 8 p.m. on ABC and a full list of nominees can be found here. It's the second straight time the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles has hosted after previously being home to the event from 2002-2007. New York and Las Vegas have also served as host cities.

If you're a normal person you probably have never thought what ESPY stands for but now you are not normal because we are informing you that it's Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award. Do with that knowledge what you may. That's some brilliant branding right there. ESPY certainly roles off the tongue with more ease than Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award.

Past hosts are really snapshot in time, from Dennis Miller to Jeff Foxworthy to LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Also, Norm Macdonald did it one time, delivered an eyebrow-scorching performance and was not invited back.