What About Bob (Golic)?

Stephen Douglas
Browns Bob Golic
Browns Bob Golic / George Gojkovich/Getty Images

On the final day of a Hall of Fame radio career, Mike Golic finds himself standing on the edge of tomorrow, today. This morning, Golic had his big, teary sendoff in his basement, surrounded by his family, but one important person was missing. What about his big brother, Bob?

A Cleveland legend and three-time Pro Bowler who also has a career in radio hosting his own eponymous show on WNIR in Ohio. The man who was resident assistant to Bayside High's brightest alumni. He was even the VP of Football Operations for the Cleveland Crush of the Lingerie Football League.

At what point do we celebrate the achievements of Bob Golic? No worries, Mike already did it. No wonder everyone loves him.