WFAN Caller Suggests Foul Balls Caught By Fans Should Count As an Out

Liam McKeone
Fans go for a foul ball
Fans go for a foul ball / Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Even though sports talk radio is no longer the favored medium to argue about last night's game, there are still plenty of people who tune in every day to hear their favorite hosts talk about their favorite teams. Oftentimes, those people will call in to engage in the conversation. Sometimes, it gives the rest of us a great soundbite. Such is what happened last night on WFAN.

I'll let the caller do the talking here, courtesy of Funhouse. It's just outstanding content.

The crowd would, indeed, go nuts. It also might get... problematic if a fan were to drop a foul ball in an important moment. Baseball fans already give those who drop foul balls enough friendly smack talk. It could turn ugly rather quickly if the foul balls actually counted for something instead of just bragging rights.

However, it would definitely be super fun. The last out of a World Series, caught by a 45-year-old season-ticket holder? Or a kid catching the final out of a professional baseball game just because they happened to be in the right place at the right time? It would be awesome.

Honestly, credit to this caller for creativity. I don't think I've ever heard that idea floated before in any medium. As one Twitter user replied, I would also have paid a good chunk of money to hear how Mike Francesa would have reacted to this pitch.