West Virginia Student Arrested for Flipping Car After Win Over Oklahoma State

By Jason McIntyre

West Virginia football fans haven’t had many things to cheer about this season – the Mountaineers are 3-4 with three losses in four games – but the last time they won a game, the celebration was rowdier than normal. After defeating Oklahoma State 30-21 in September – the Mountaineers were massive underdogs – couch burning wasn’t enough for the students.

That kind of upset warranted … flipping a car.

"Kevin James Wheeler, a WVU student from White Hall, Md., was arrested Wednesday evening. Police have also obtained a warrant for William Schwab, 18, a University of South Carolina student from Sparks Glencoe, Md. Both are charged with felony destruction of property. The vehicle damage estimate exceeded $6,000. University Police investigators spent more than 100 hours working this case, following up on more than 40 tips that eventually led to the warrants being obtained, Chief Bob Roberts said. Roberts noted that without student, alumni and public input, the department would not have been able to solve this case."

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that WVU beats Texas in a few weeks. How would the students celebrate that win? [via WAJR; Image via Tim Burke]