West Virginia Football Players Arrested for Stealing Gatorade and Snacks from Sheetz

By Jason McIntyre

Florida point guard Erving Walker was a lock to win the award for “Most Pathetic College Athlete Arrest” in 2012 for stealing a $3 taco in March. Except two starters on the West Virginia football team – junior Darwin Cook and senior Terrence Garvin – got some late-night munchies and may have topped Walker:

Police say surveillance footage shows Garvin take a plastic Sheetz bag from behind the counter then Cook allegedly took three bottles of Gatorade and two bags of Doritos. Garvin can be seen swiping a couple of bags of pretzels. The two placed the items in the bag and left the store without paying.

Gatorade, Doritos and pretzels. Was it worth it, guys?

April was a rough month for WVU coach Dana Holgorsen. His 3rd string QB got a DUI, and now two starters got popped for stupidity. The Mountaineers have enough talent to loiter in the Top 20 much of the season, but can Holgorsen keep his players out of jail? [Metro News via Clay Travis]