Wes Welker is Getting Married This Weekend

By Jason McIntyre

"“Security tried to subdue the group” when a brawl almost broke out, a source told us. “Security then physically restrained [Welker] and his group to break everything up.” We’re told Welker and his rowdy crew weren’t arrested, but cops threatened to do so. “Security calmed them down and kicked them off the property,” a source told us. Aspen police confirmed there was a record of a “lecture and release” incident at the Aspen eatery Friday night, but couldn’t confirm if Welker and his crew were involved."

Busy six months for Welker, huh? Getting engaged, dropping a crucial pass in the Super Bowl, having to watch Gisele pop off about said dropped pass, signing a 1-year deal, and now, getting into an altercation with security days before your lavish wedding. [NY Post]

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