Were the Raiders About to Send Antonio Brown the 5-Day Letter?

Bobby Burack

This morning on Get UpAdam Schefter said he thinks the Oakland Raiders were kicking around the idea of sending Antonio Brown the dreaded five-day letter. This letter would have given Brown five days to report or he would have been put on a reserve list where he wouldn’t play this season and the Raiders wouldn’t have an obligation to pay him.

Earlier this monthMike Florio explained how the five-day letter would work in this instance: “Because the Raiders gave Brown a signing bonus of only $1 million, he wouldn’t have to write a gigantic check back to the team if his failure to show up in response to a five-day letter ends his season. However, he’d lose $14.625 million in fully-guaranteed salary for 2020. Likewise, $14.5 million in full guarantees for 2021 would likely void.”

This would certainly explain why Brown surprisingly decided to return in the midst of all his helmet drama. Brown even threatened to retire over it, lest we forget. But the bigger picture here is how much of a disaster his start with the Raiders has been. As talented as he is, it’s beginning to seem like he is simply not worth having on your team. Nearly every time he has been in the news over the past year has been the consequence of child-like nonsense he is inexcusably creating. At this rate, there is no end in sight.

It’s getting harder and harder to envision this marriage ending well whatsoever. The same can be said for Brown’s future in the NFL.