Wendy's Breakfast Menu Breakdown: Badly Needs Spicy Chicken Biscuit

Ryan Glasspiegel
Wendy's / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wendy's is launching national breakfast on March 2nd and this is pretty good news for my palette -- if not for my New Year's resolution -- as there's a location about a block from my apartment. **Stephen A. Smith voice** However, my enthusiasm for this development dampened when I perused the menu and discovered that there is not a spicy chicken biscuit on the menu.

Here's what they do have in the way of sandwiches:

  • Croissants: Maple bacon chicken; sausage, egg and swiss; bacon, egg, and swiss
  • Biscuits: Sausage, egg and cheese; bacon, egg and cheese; honey butter chicken; sausage
  • Classic sandwiches: Breakfast baconator; sausage, egg and cheese; bacon, egg and cheese

They also have a sausage, egg and cheese burrito, seasoned potatoes, and apple bites (lol). The seasoned potatoes are intriguing only if they're crispy. If they're mushy then no one's ever going to want to eat them.

Anyway, back to my original complaint about the spicy chicken. This, not some gimmicky 770-calorie baconator, would be the opportunity for Wendy's to add legit differentiation from McDonald's. Chick-fil-A has a spicy chicken biscuit for breakfast that is sublime, but unattainable for vast swaths of America (also, inexplicably, not every franchise carries it, so sometimes you head to a CFA drive-thru expecting the spicy chicken only to be met with supreme disappointment).

I'm not influential enough to start some big retweet campaign like the one that caused Wendy's to bring back spicy chicken nuggets, but they're making a big mistake not offering spicy chicken for their big breakfast launch.