Weird Al Recalls the Time James Brown Learned to Play Wheel of Fortune

Ryan Glasspiegel

Weird Al was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, and discussed the time he was on celebrity Wheel of Fortune with Little Richard and James Brown. “James Brown shows up like an hour late, with this 20-person entourage,” Weird Al says. “We’re all in the green room, and we’re watching James Brown learn how to play Wheel of Fortune. He has apparently not ever seen the show, he obviously has never played the game Hangman.”

Thankfully, the clip exists on YouTube; it appears as though Brown was a fast learner, because (spoiler alert) he solved a puzzle at the end:

Brown was also the subject of one of Weird Al’s fake interviews in the 1980’s:

Let this serve as an open plea to Weird Al to revisit this conceit.

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