We Shouldn't Give the Golden State Warriors a Pass for their Logo Change


The Golden State Warriors may be proud of their new logo, but not me. Not because I’m anti-change, but instead because I feel like they are punking me and hoping I waste my time trying to look for the new hidden features. There is so little change here it’s insulting to the fans and the crew that had to spend time creating the updated version.

If you put your magnifying glass close enough to the second image, you will see they changed the look of the bridge, well, kind of. Oh, and the font is like 2 percent bolder.

At this rate, I’m sure fans of the Warriors are just aching to pre-order the new jerseys with that font and bridge on them. Don’t even get me started with the new snazzy hoodies and shirts that will follow the logo “change.” Now before Warriors’ fans try saying other teams have done the same, we are not talking about other teams. Their time of consequence will come.

If I had to choose, I prefer the old version better.