We're on Pace For the Best Week of Wischusen Ever

Kyle Koster
Al Pereira/GettyImages

Give credit where credit is due. ESPN PR is trying to make the Week of Wischusen happen. There is no attention that alliteration cannot grab. The right to celebrate new holidays is an important aspect of any negotiation around Festivus season. And things are off to a hot start as Bob Wischusen and Dan Orlovsky provided the soundtrack to a classic last night in the Cheez-It Bowl. Florida State squeaked out a thrilling, three-point victory over Oklahoma in a back-and-forth affair and the booth was appropriately psyched.

All other bowl games are now chasing this standard.

Four more assignments remain in the first-ever Week of Wischusen. Up next is a trip to Seattle as the New York Jets face a must-win situation. Then a day later he has the Citrus Bowl between LSU and Purdue. Then a day after that he's on Dallas Stars-Kings. And on Thursday things wrap up with Washington Capitals-Columbus Blue Jackets.

If only two of these contests are half as good as the battle for all the Cheez-It snack crackers, WoW will have set an impossibly high bar for future years as this will undoubtably become an annual tradition. Nothing more heartwarming than familes gathering around their streaming device to check out what kind of adventure Bob has found for himself.