We Live in a World With a 'Wayne's World'-Cardi B Super Bowl Commercial

Kyle Koster

The Super Bowl is the annual nadir of capitalism and even though some long-tenured brands are sitting out the advertising sweepstakes, there's still oh-so-much commercialism to go around. Moving product, as The Wire taught us, makes for strange bedfellows and really, no one should be surprised by anything they see in television or real life anymore. So please, hardly bat an eye at the Random Idea Generator swirling up the table tennis balls and spitting out Wayne's World and Cardi B for Uber Eats.

Though I was dreading pressing play in the fear comedy god Mike Myers would appear mortal. But those concerns were immediately allied by the comfort of seeing these two plucky Aurora residents in their natural habitat.

Uber Eats' marketing department has been top-of-class, getting a teaser for the commercial on a sports blog just days ago. The actual finished product far exceeds expectations and is a nice callback to the product placement bit in the original movie.

Now I'm mostly curious what Cardi B's Wayne's World fandom was like growing up.

Sometimes it feels like people only do stuff because they're getting paid. It's really sad.