Watch Tony Romo Throw Three Interceptions Against the Redskins, Including a Back-Breaking One in the 4th Quarter

By Jason McIntyre

Tony Romo coming up small in a big game? Shocked, I tell you. Romo threw two first quarter interceptions, but the Redskins couldn’t capitalize.

Then, after the Cowboys pulled within 21-18 in the 4th quarter, Dallas had the ball with plenty of time to drive for the game-winning field goal or game-winning score.

Then, Romo, under pressure, thought he could lob this screen pass in the flat. It was intercepted. The Redskins milked the clock and won, 28-18. Alfred Morris finished with 200 yards rushing, and two touchdowns.

For Dallas, the season is over.

The Redskins will host Seattle Sunday at 4:30 pm in a Wild Card game.