Watch Fan Who Ran on Field During Super Bowl Get Tackled Hard By Security

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs was a dud, but then, a hero emerged late in the fourth quarter. A fan ran out onto the field. He avoided security for a moment, but eventually someone got the angle on him and took him down. He was then jumped on by more stadium personnel and probably taken to jail.

Jim Nantz called it one of the best runs of the night as he and Tony Romo shared a laugh during a boring second half. You have to take joy in the little things.

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

This Super Bowl had everything except for a good game.

UPDATE: Here's the Keven Harlan call.

So at least we have this.