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The Washington Wizards Absolutely Stole One From the Brooklyn Nets

Kyle Koster
Will Newton/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards combined to play a bizarre, yet hauntingly beautiful basketball game last evening that featured 295 points and an ending destined to remind people not to give up despite long odds.

The Nets appeared destined for a much-needed road victory after Kyrie Irving knocked down a pair of free-throws to give his side a 146-141 lead with12.9 seconds remaining. But life and the Bradley Beal-Russell Westbrook duo had other ideas. The former launched a successful 30-footer to make it a two-point game with 7.6 seconds left to play. Then Garrison Matthews, who has the name of a 1990s kids-television protagonist, stole Joe Harris' inbound pass and feed Westbrook for a go-ahead triple with 4.3 on the clock.

People tend to say that escalated quickly too frequently, but this is actually a situation worthy of it. These are the types of memories you love to gather as a casual fan and have sleepless nights fretting over if you're a problem gambler.

It's one game and Brooklyn remains capable of beating opponents by sheer talent disparity. Yet, it would be nice to see a prolonged winning streak and evidence of cohesion sooner rather than later.