Washington Redskins Receive Extremely Feeble Fan Sendoff for Giants Game

Kyle Koster

The Washington Redskins hit the road earlier today for New York, where they’ll play the Giants tomorrow night. Seven hearty fans made sure the team had all the support a team could ever need.

Look … this is the point where I’d normally make a joke. But honestly, there are some things you just don’t joke about. Seven Redskins fans by the side of the road waving at a team bus is one of them. It’s just too sad.

It’s worth pointing out that the sendoff took place during the middle of a work day and many people have jobs. It’s also worth pointing out that waving at a bus isn’t high on many people’s to-do list.

Let’s just hope the Pope gets a little more love as he makes a similar D.C.-to-New York trip. A similar Vine on his holiness’ account would send civilization into a tailspin.