Washington Post's Dan Steinberg Thinks ESPN's Adam Schefter Copy-and-Pasted His Blog Post

Ryan Glasspiegel

Joe Theismann’s commentary is available for anybody to listen to or watch, but, looking at Steinberg’s blog post, the descriptors of the words around the quotes —  “Theismann said early in the fourth quarter” and “As the game ended” — are, as Steinberg pointed out, identical on Schefter’s Facebook entry. There is no attribution from Schefter, whose Facebook post came several hours after Steinberg’s article on the Washington Post’s web site was published. It’s hard to think Steinberg’s accusal is wrong here.

Update: ESPN provided the following statement:

“Adam Schefter had not seen Dan Steinberg’s story. He was reporting what was on an internal ESPN newswire. He and Dan have spoken since and there is no issue between them. I’ll add that Adam regularly credits other writers and news outlets. He has no hesitation about doing this. In no way was he trying to take credit for what someone else was reporting here.”