Washington's Jimmy Lake Throws Shade at Oregon's Academics

UCLA v Washington
UCLA v Washington / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Washington and Oregon play each other on Saturday night in Seattle in a Pac-12 North clash. The two schools have a bit of a rivalry due to their proximity, but it's not quite a blood feud. Huskies head coach Jimmy Lake might be trying to change that based on his latest comments.

On Monday he was asked if Oregon is a recruiting rival for Washington. His answer was hilarious because I'm not sure I've seen a college football coach send more shade at an opponent while pretending to take the high road.

Here's what Lake had to say:

"That's way more pumped up than it is. Our battles are really, the schools that we go against, have academic prowess, like the University of Washington, Notre Dame, Stanford, USC. We got with a lot of battles, toe to toe, all the way to the end, with those schools. So I think that's made up and pumped up in (the media's) world. In our world, we battled more academically prowess teams."

He essentially just said we go after players who are smart, not the kind of kids who would go to Oregon. Or, conversely, kids who go to Oregon are too dumb to go to Washington.

Wow. That was just ... wow. Savage.

Think Oregon will use this as bulletin board material this week?