Washington GM on Junior Galette: "We felt fine with him as a person"


Junior Galette signed a one-year contract with Washington this week. The former Saints linebacker was involved in a since-dismissed domestic violence case (per ESPN, the civil case is still pending), was shown on video allegedly striking a woman with a belt in a separate incident, and apparently had some issues with former teammates.

“From the get-go I was a little bit nervous about, “OK, geez, there’s some things out there,” Washington GM Scot McGloughan told an intrepid reporter from the team web site, where the quote was transcribed by a writer who cited “off-field issues” but declined to disclose either domestic violence incident. “… But after we looked into everything – even with the league office, talking to them and doing and all that – but like I said a couple of things are still pending but we felt fine with him as a person.”

“We did a lot of research on him, as we do with everybody,” McGloughan continued. “He’s got a couple things still pending out there so we had to really look in to it, and we did. … We all got together and asked, ‘Honest opinion, what do you guys think?’ and we all had a thumbs up.”

Here’s what the honest translation would be: “Listen. Physical freaks who get to the quarterback don’t grow on trees. Junior Galette is one of them. The upside in signing him to a one-year deal outweighed the downside risk of a day or two of bad PR if there’s a third domestic violence incident. If that happens, we’ll say some bullshit about doing the right thing and wash our hands of it.”

[H/T CSN Washington]