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Washington TE Ricky Seals-Jones Carted Off After Collision With Cameraman

Liam McKeone
Watch out!
Watch out! /

The Washington Football Team were battling against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field this afternoon. With WFT up 7-0, Taylor Heinicke rolled out of the pocket and heaved a pass towards the end zone intended for tight end Ricky Seals-Jones. The Eagles' secondary managed to break up the pass but Seals-Jones couldn't put on the brakes and ran at full speed into the cameraman on the sideline.

Remarkably, the broadcast managed to immediately show that sideline footage afterwards, with Seals-Jones heading directly into the center of the camera.

Seals-Jones and the cameraman both went down for a while afterwards, and Seals-Jones was carted off with a neck injury. He was almost immediately ruled out. The cameraman fared a bit better; he walked off under his own power and gave a wave to the crowd. Later reports said he got patched up and is back out there for the second half.