Barely Any Fans Showed Up For Washington Commanders Camp

Liam McKeone
Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

It is training camp season in the NFL, a time for unearned optimism and hope as every team heads into 2022 with a clean slate. Fans usually flock in great numbers to watch their teams practice after six months without football. But not in Washington, apparently.

While Dan Snyder testifies in front of a congressional committee, barely any fans showed up to watch the Commanders practice. Per beat reporter Nicki Jhabvala:

There's dozens of them. Dozens! Perhaps just a dozen.

Now, to be fair, it seems this isn't entirely due to lack of interest. Apparently the franchise made fans apply to attend camp through a lottery system rather than just opening up sales and this was the result. Either something got broken in the lottery system or the people who won decided they weren't interested anymore.

Either way, a classic Washington Commanders bungle.