What if the Golden State Warriors Simply Stopped Traveling?

Stephen Douglas
Golden State v Dallas Mavericks
Golden State v Dallas Mavericks / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Golden State Warriors, 116-113, on Tuesday night. Luka Doncic had a 41-point triple-double, but the real story is that Stephen Curry got called for a travel. And Jordan Poole got called for another carrying violation. It may sound crazy, but what if the Warriors simply stopped traveling?

Here's Curry getting called for a travel with 10 seconds remaining and the Warriors down two. It's clearly a travel and Curry had his shot blocked anyway, but still the Warriors complained.

As mentioned above, Poole was also called for a travel during the game. No video exists because people are probably as bored with his violations as officials seem to be. Though Poole did get away with a pass to himself early in the fourth quarter.

It's been a quiet month after the NBA decided to call a few carries on Poole very early in the season to let the league know they would be looking for blatant violations of their written rules. At some point the Warriors might consider just not traveling.