Warren Moon on Racism in the NFL and If He Thinks There Will Be a Black NFL Commissioner or Owner

Brian Giuffra
Warren Moon.
Warren Moon. / Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon dealt with racism for most of his career. Coming up in the 70s and 80s, there was a bigoted assumption that African Americans lacked the mental ability and leadership qualities needed to play quarterback. It was one of the reasons Moon had to play in the CFL before an NFL team would sign him, even though he led Washington to a Rose Bowl win during his senior year in college.

Boy, did Moon prove the doubters wrong, leading the NFL in passing twice and being selected to nine Pro Bowls in a Hall of Fame career.

Moon joined In My Bag to discuss dealing with racism during his career, the current state of the NFL and much more. The full video with highlights of our conversation and links to specific times we discussed those topics are below.

Moon believes racism does still exist in the NFL (4:45)

Would it help if there was a black NFL owner (7:15)

Moon believes more black QBs should be in Hall of Fame (9:36

What was it like being a QB in the 1970s-90s (11:35)

Moon on his children being exposed to racism at games (15:09)

Moon on his relationship as a sounding board for Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson and Jameis Winston (21:01)

Will there be a black NFL commissioner? (28:44)

Is Colin Kaepernick vindicated? (29:45)