Wallace Gilberry of the Bengals Made a Family's Holiday With a Random Act of Kindness


Wallace Gilberry, a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, went undrafted out of Alabama in 2008. He’s been with the Bengals since 2012. On Monday night, Gilberry was at the Target in Newport, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Whatever he was shopping for, he added on a PS4 and a bunch of video games for a random family.

Here’s more from the poster:

"I saw Wallace walking in the store with these kids and dad chasing after him. When I walked by a few mins later, I heard the dad and kids going crazy. Later when he walked by I told him that was a bad ass move. He said thanks, “everyone needs to be blessed.”"

Gilberry has 14 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble this season. He’ll certainly be registering more fans this week. (And if you read the original Reddit thread where I found this, there are many more glowing reviews of Gilberry as a person and player from his time in both Cincinnati and Kansas City.)