Wade Phillips Takes Another Playful Jab at Sean McVay Obsessors

By Henry McKenna

Wade Phillips doesn’t mind keeping Sean McVay’s ego in check.

Phillips, the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator, has never shied away from making fun of the obsession with his far younger head coach. Most recently, the running joke among NFL junkies has been that if you know McVay, you’re liable to land a head coaching gig. Such was true for Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor, Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and recently-fired Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury. All three were friends of McVay — all three landed gigs.

Phillips had fun with the theme during a press conference on Thursday.

It’s not the first time Phillips took McVay’s obsessors down a size. After the world went crazy — and unjustifiably so — over McVay’s ability to recite the Bears defensive starters, Phillips poked at his boss by reciting the Bears offensive starters.

Often, the NFL world needs a heat check, and Phillips’ sarcasm is perfect.