Vox Co-Founder Ezra Klein Jumping to The New York Times

Kyle Koster
SXSW Featured Speaker: Ezra Klein - 2018 SXSW Conference and Festivals
SXSW Featured Speaker: Ezra Klein - 2018 SXSW Conference and Festivals / Chris Saucedo/Getty Images

Ezra Klein, who left the Washington Post in 2014 to birth Vox, is leaving for a position at The New York Times, per Maxwell Tani of The Daily Beast. That sentence may break the previous record for media outlets mentioned in such a small span of words. But do not let it distract you from the weight of the news, which is only part of the picture as Axios reports editor-in-chief and vice president Lauren Williams is also departing Vox and launching a nonprofit.

This comes after Matt Yglesias, one of Klein's fellow co-founders, announced he was taking his talents to Substack.

Three instances does, in fact, make a trend story so perhaps it's fitting where Klein is headed. It's going to be tough news for his fans, though, as his podcast is believed to be a casualty in the uncoupling, whereas Yglesias' will continue under the Vox umbrella.

So what does this all mean? Obviously, you're going to want to ask someone who spends more hours than I voraciously consuming policy blogs for a more complete answer. But it's possible that a Joe Biden presidency opens the door for a more focused look at some of the political blocking and tackling in the pages of the Times without the Donald Trump Show throwing constant elbows in the paint.

With the three high-profile departures all seeking disparate new chapters, it's tough to come up with a huge take except that Vox will have lost a lot of talent and name recognition in a condensed time frame.