Virginia Tech's Attempt to Ice Liberty Kicker Backfires Spectacularly

Liam McKeone
Virginia Tech-Liberty
Virginia Tech-Liberty /

Liberty has been a fun story in this strange college football season. The Flames are the 25th-ranked team in the country and were undefeated heading into today's matchup with unranked Virginia Tech. They will end the day still undefeated, but it was a close call, and required some luck.

With the game tied at 35-35 nearing the end of regulation, Liberty lined up to kick a 59-yard field goal. That's pretty damn long by NFL standards, much less NCAA standards. The attempt was blocked by Virginia Tech and returned all the way for a touchdown as time expired. It was a shocking and stunning end to the game and Liberty's unbeaten streak.

Until it wasn't. Because it turns out that Tech called a timeout right before the snap, participating in the time-honored tradition of trying to ice the opposing kicker.

Liberty then hit the field goal on the second try to come away with the win as the clock showed zeroes.

What an unbelievable error by VT. It's a freaking 59-yard field goal! You don't need to ice someone when the probability of making the kick is already extremely low. And to have all this happen on what otherwise would have been a game-winning play for the ages... That's a brutal blow for the Hokies.

Stop Icing Kickers 2020.