Vince Wilfork Talks BBQ Ribs, Retirement Odds, Injury Recovery, and Belichick

Ryan Glasspiegel

Vince Wilfork was made available by Kingsford charcoal. They are publicizing a petition to make barbecue ribs America’s national food. The campaign is using the hashtag #StandWithRibs.

On the podcast, Wilfork talked:

  • Ribs. How often he barbecues them. His uniform, which consists of overalls and no shirts. His favorite places in Houston to eat them when he doesn’t have the time to cook. (I talked about the time I ate at Gatlin’s.)
  • Retirement possibility. He says he is “50/50” right now, but would not play anywhere other than Houston.
  • His time with the Patriots. What makes Bill Belichick so special? How does he divide his time between offense and defense? How much communication does he have with individual players?
  • The joy of winning Super Bowls versus the agony of losing them.
  • Learning to walk again after recovering from an Achilles tear, and proving the doubters wrong.

Hope you enjoy!