The Vince Lombardi Hologram at Super Bowl LV Was Just Weird

Hologram of Vince Lombardi before Super Bowl LV
Hologram of Vince Lombardi before Super Bowl LV /

Super Bowl LV is underway, but during the pregame ceremony Vince Lombardi made an appearance. And it was awkward.

Lombardi appeared as a hologram and gave a classic speech. While the sentiment was fun, the result was really awkward and looked pretty terrible.

Take a look:

That was supposed to fire us all up, but frankly had me wondering why a character from LA Noire was trying to get me excited about football. Can we get the Lombardi hologram and the Tupac hologram to battle rap or something?

I really wonder if anyone on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs even knew what was going on. I'd assume it went right past them.

It's safe to say the Lombardi hologram was a big-time flop.