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Vin Scully Is Also Lost Without Sports

Vin Scully
Vin Scully. | Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Vin Scully retired from calling baseball in 2016. These days, he's... just like the rest of us: Missing the heck out of sports. Scully spoke with Bill Plashke of the Los Angeles Times over the weekend and his message was ultimately one of hope.

“From depths of depression we fought our way through World War II, and if we can do that, we can certainly fight through this. I remember how happy and relieved and thrilled everybody was … when they signed the treaty with Japan, and the country just danced from one way or another. It’s the life of the world, the ups and downs, this is a down, we’re going to have to realistically accept it at what it is and we’ll get out of it, that’s all there is to it, we will definitely get out of it.”

Vin Scully

But for Scully and many people taking this seriously right now, the real problem isn't really the lack of sports. It's the lack of connection. A few feet might as well be a few miles.

“Once in a while one of our children can come over and visit … we have a pretty large master bedroom, so they can sit quite a few feet away just to say hello,” he says. “But there’s no hugging and kissing and nothing like that … we’re trying very hard to follow the rules … the kids are scared that they will bring in something that will just blow me away … it’s a very difficult time to go without hugs, you know?”

Vin Scully

It's something we're all dealing with. Luckily, we still have Vin Scully's voice to comfort us.