Vin Diesel Pretended to Kick a Soccer Ball at Assembled Photographers, Totally Fooled Everyone

Stephen Douglas

Vin Diesel attended a press event in Madrid last week where Atlético Madrid players Filipe Luis and Antoine Griezmann gifted Diesel and co-star Charlize Theron with personalized jerseys. They also brought a soccer ball which Vin pretended to kick. Just look at these pictures and enjoy the acting.

You can tell he took a running start and moved like he was going to kick the ball, but you know he didn’t because you can’t just kick a soccer ball at a wall of photographers. Unless you’re playing in a game and they’ve formed that wall to defend a free kick. At a press junket it’s frowned upon. That’s why it took all his concentration to miss.

See? He’s nowhere near the ball.

That’s the difference between Vin Diesel and Dominic Toretto. Dom would absolutely kick the ball at the photographers. Because they aren’t family. But the photographers didn’t know that. They thought he was serious.

At least that’s what this photograph seems to imply. Vin Diesel thinking he pranked you must be a tremendous thing to experience in person.