Sheldon Richardson Pulls a Chris Webber and Calls Fourth Timeout for Vikings

Liam McKeone
Sheldon Richardson
Sheldon Richardson / Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings, playing the Cleveland Browns this afternoon, struggled mightily with penalties in the first half. While up 7-0, mistakes made by the Vikings gave the Browns seven tries at the end zone. Eventually, Cleveland succeeded and scored.

Then something happened that you simply do not see every day in football. Sheldon Richardson, a former Brown now lining up for the Vikings, tried to call a timeout before the ensuing PAT. The problem? The Vikings had no timeouts. This resulted in a delay of game penalty that Cleveland took advantage of and converted a two-point conversion after the penalty was enforced.

In short, Richardson pulled a Chris Webber.

Was Richardson's mistake as costly as Webber's? Certainly not. We're only in Week 4 of the regular season here, not the playoffs.

But this almost never happens! Another weird thing to happen today after the Jared Goff junk interception.