Minnesota Vikings Radio Broadcast Thought the Vikings Won, Vibe Changed Dramatically

Kyle Koster
Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings have a long and storied history of being let down in pivotal moments by both beloved and loathed placekickers alike. A tradition that unfortunately continued Sunday in Arizona against the Cardinals when Greg Joseph's potential game-winner from 37 yards tailed like a two-seam fastball until it was wide right. This came as a tremendous surprise to Vikings radio play-by-play voice Paul Allen, who thought everything had come up purple and the ball had split the uprights.

Here's his jubilant call and a necessary but still unpleasant fact-check from partner Pete Bercich.

Stuff like this happens. Announcers want to be in the emotion of the moment and eyes deceive. Allen's quick reversal was arguably easier to comprehend than whatever Gus Johnson did on the Fox television broadcast.

Who knew Week 2 field goals could be so exciting? And heartbreaking. There are still 15 more regular-season weeks to be played. Everyone needs to pace themselves.

Minnesota will be kicking itself for this errant kick as they had a golden opportunity to beat a quality opponent on the road and capitalize on an exceptional Kirk Cousins performance. Now they are 0-2 with the Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns coming to town over the next two weeks. Any small hope of postseason play could be extinguished while leaves are still on trees in Minneapolis.