VIDEO: Zac Brown Band Kicks Off SNF on NBC With Thanksgiving Rendition of 'Chicken Fried'

Liam McKeone

It's Thanksgiving, which means all eyes are on the television screen to watch some holiday football. The production, as always, is high, and Sunday Night Football decided to break out an extra-special video introduction for the night's final matchup, Saints vs. Falcons.

But instead of usual musical guest Carrie Underwood, they called upon the Zac Brown band to lead the audience into the night with a special Thanksgiving rendition of their famous song, "Chicken Fried". Check it out:

Just some high-quality stuff here, especially if you love "Chicken Fried" as much as my parents do. I'm not familiar with the practice of frying turkey on Thanksgiving, but that's missing the forest for the trees. A great way to kick off the end of the night.