VIDEO: Yankees' Luke Voit Takes Pitch to the Face and It Didn't Leave a Mark

By Jeff Weisinger

The Yankees’ blowout of the Colorado Rockies on Saturday came with a bit of a scare.

First baseman Luke Voit took a pitch to the face with one out and a runner on first in the bottom of the fourth inning, a scary moment for Yankee fans and for Voit himself. At least you’d think.

It may have been scarier for the baseball as the pitch didn’t even leave a mark. Voit didn’t come out of the game at first and came around to score on Gleyber Torres’ two-RBI single down the left-field line two batters later.

He was pulled from the game to start the fifth inning. Still, the fact that he stayed in after a heater to the jaw like that is downright astounding. Luke Voit is made of much different material than everyone else, it would seem.