VIDEO: Yankees' Aaron Hicks Launches First Homer in London Series

By Jeff Weisinger

It was going to happen eventually, and to no surprise, it was a Yankee that hit the first home run in London. Although, it may not have been who you might’ve originally thought.

Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks added a pair of runs on his two-run home run to right center, the first ever home run hit in London.

While the Yankees pummeled on Red Sox starter Rick Porcello in the first inning with one out, Aaron Hicks’ two-run bomb extended the Yankees lead to 6-0 to start the game and knocked out Porcello, who pitched just a third of an inning.

The Yankees batted around in the first before Colten Brewer struck out DJ LaMehieulooking to end the inning.

The hit was also Hicks’ first off of Porcello for his career. London fans are being treated to some fireworks early on.