VIDEO: Watching Top MLB Pitchers Throw Bullpens is Mesmerizing


It shouldn’t be breaking news that some of the top pitchers in the game have stuff that looks rather unhittable when viewed up close. And yet this video is eyebrow-raising in that it shows the different challenges each of these guys present to opposing hitters.

Max Scherzer’s slider is way different than Felix Hernandez’s, yet equally scary. Clayton Kershaw comes right over the top and has a curveball that almost raises out of his hand. R.A. Dickey’s knuckle ball drifts way to the right most times but then will zip over to the left.

No thanks.

It’s often said that hitting is the toughest thing to do in all of sports. It’s tough to argue vigorously after putting yourself in the batter’s shoes here. The next time your favorite slugger strikes out in a key situation, you’ll have a bit more compassion now that you understand your struggle.