VIDEO: Vontaze Burfict Spotted Throwing Wild Punches Toward Dalvin Cook at End of Play

Bobby Burack
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

There has been a Vontaze Burfict sighting on this Sunday in September. While most of the players today are playing football, Burfict is throwing punches.

Uh, is this taught at football camps now?

Burfict stans will quickly say, "Oh, he was just trying to knock the ball out and cause a fumble." Objective viewers, like myself, will say that he was throwing wild punches. Plus, this isn't the guy you would point to and give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to violent acts on the football field.

The punches were well thrown, too. Great technique, and at angles that would be helpful in an MMA showdown. Perhaps, he could one day join Greg Hardy and team up with Dana White. And, if so, the Raiders move to Las Vegas will make that much more convenient for him.

But as for now, he is just randomly throwing hands on a football field.