VIDEO: Visualization Chart Of All 12,254 Career LeBron James Field Goals

Ryan Glasspiegel
LeBron James and Kobe Bryant
LeBron James and Kobe Bryant / John McCoy/Getty Images

LeBron James enters tonight's game against the Sixers with 33,626 points on 12,254 made field goals; he is 17 points behind Kobe Bryant for third leading scorer all-time and is likely to pass him tonight.

ESPN NBA analyst Kirk Goldsberry shares a hypnotic visualization chart of all the field goals LeBron has made in his career:

Including time in YMCA leagues, at summer camp, at recess, at random gyms, and in my own driveway, I'd be hard-pressed to say I've made as many shots in my entire life as LeBron has just in regular season NBA games. It's pretty crazy to think about.