VIDEO: Vince Vaughn and Donald Trump Chopping It Up

Kyle Koster

President Donald Trump and Vince Vaughn are both at the national championship game. Each holds a very unique place in the zeitgeist. When such magnetism exists in a close proximity, it's unreasonable to expect the two forces not to collid.

As such, Vaughn made his way up to 45's suite and had the following interaction during Sweet Caroline, which, somehow, seems very on-point.

Trump has 20 producing credits, 22 acting credits, and 320 appearances as "self" on IMDB. Vaughn was in a movie where he crashed the Secretary of the Navy's daughter's funeral. The actual Secretary of the Navy was just fired.

Much to discuss.

Politics aside, I think we can all agree that Vaughn was great as an underachieving halfback in Rudy.