VIDEO: Unlucky Referee Re-Directs Puck Into Net With His Groin

Kyle Koster

St. Louis Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo figured out a clever angle to beat Florida Panther goalie Roberto Luongo but it ultimately proved fruitless, illegal, and painful.  Bortuzzo’s shot dinged referee Tim Peel right in his special area before flying into the net. The apparent goal was quickly nullified, Peel sought some much needed reprieve in his locker room, and the game went on.

I am not totally familiar with NHL officials’ incentive structures, but Peel deserves, at minimum, a modest bonus today. It won’t make him feel any better, but could perhaps provide a needed distraction.

This clip is a good argument for wearing a cup even when it seems excessive. To the grocery store, to spin class, to the dry cleaners, wherever. One can never be too careful.