VIDEO: UFC's Niko Price Knocked Out James Vick With a Vicious Upkick From His Back

Stephen Douglas

Niko Price knocked out James Vick during "UFC Fight Night: Joanna vs. Waterson" on Saturday night. Obviously, if we're writing about it, something weird happened. Well, Price was on his back in the first round and he kicked Vick in the face and that was that. It was incredible.

This is the kind of thing that pretty much every fighter tries when he or she is on their back.It's mostly defensive. It never ends in a knockout. If you're into sanctioned sports violence like ESPN is these days, it was pretty cool.

If you're into advanced statistics, here's the ESPN breakdown of the 104-second bout. Notice how the red on Vick's face represents him getting kicked there very hard one time. Finally, a stat that passes the eye test.