VIDEO: Tyreek Hill's Speed on Touchdown He Wasn't A Part of is the Real Story

Bobby Burack
Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

The play of the day thus far occurred during Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams' 91-yard touchdown run. But, as you will be convinced here in a moment, Williams was one-upped on his own massive touchdown. That's because while he ran past every single member of the Vikings, his teammate, Tyreek Hill, was behind him, then he wasn't. By the time Williams made it in the end zone, Hill was already there waiting for him.

It turns out, we shouldn't mock Williams for losing the race because, according to Next Gen Stats, Hill reached a max speed of 22.64 MPH, with a sustained speed of 21.46 MPH. No player has been that fast over the past two seasons on any single play.

Okay, now for a cooler version of Hill's Sonic-like speed:

Poor Damien Williams. He got overshadowed on his own huge touchdown run. Then again when Tyreek Hill is running next to you, there's not much chance you'll wind up winning.