VIDEO: Tyreek Hill Flashes Blazing Speed to Catch Up to Damien Williams on Long TD Run

Bobby Burack
Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There are certainly perks to being a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. You get to play with all-time talent in Patrick Mahomes, a guru like Andy Reid, and for one of the more rabid fan bases in the NFL. But there are some inconveniences, however. Such as even when you score a game-changing touchdown with your wheels, you get overshadowed in the speed category by Tyreek Hill. It happened today when Damien Williams bursted an 84-touchdown and was still caught by Hill, who was 10-15 yards behind him at one point.

You have to feel bad for Williams. Not only didn't Hill let him have his moment, it's the second time it has happened this season!

The last time, Hill's ridiculous speed reached an unheard of 22.64 MPH.

Most will know, tough guys are cool. But it's the fast guys that really have the egos.