VIDEO: Twins Turn 5-4-3 Triple Play, The Most Beautiful Thing in Baseball

Kyle Koster

I’ve considered what the most exciting play in baseball is many times and usually land on an inside-the-park home run or bang-bang sacrifice fly. The most aesthetically pleasing play is a different category and something I haven’t spent much time on. Thanks to the Minnesota Twins, though, an answer has emerged.

The 5-4-3 triple play. A natural triple play. One without too many bells and whistles that is created only under the most perfect of circumstances.

Third baseman Luis Arreaz started the around-the-horn majesty against the Yankees last night by snagging an Edwin Encarnacion ground ball. Jonathan Schoop adroitly played the role of pivot man at second and Miguel Sano was there to catch the final throw.

Name a cooler and more efficient sequence. You can’t. Or maybe you can. Let me know.