VIDEO: Trevor Bauer Throws Ball Over Centerfield Fence in Fit of Rage

Kyle Koster

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer is as good as anyone in baseball when he’s on. He was not on today against the Kansas City Royals. After giving up 7 earned runs in 4.1 innings of work, the pitcher noticed skipper Terry Francona coming out to the mound and momentarily lost his cool.

Bauer, known for long toss, showed just how far he can throw a ball by chucking it into over the centerfield fence.

The righty acknowledged he was in the wrong, but was still directed to the dugout by Francona.

UPDATE: After the game, he owned his mistake as well.

Hurling the ball into the stands can result in suspension. Rob Dibble was dinged with a four-game penalty for doing it in 1991. Bauer opted to throw his in a place where no fan should the risk of being injured, but the wheel of justice is tough to predict.