VIDEO: Trendsetting Pirates Fan Throws Trent Grisham's HR Ball Into Allegheny River


Move over Kim Kardashian. We’ve got a new trendsetter in town.

During another predicatable Pirates loss on Thursday (they truly have stunk since the All-Star Break, going 4-21 since), a fan created the greatest new trend in baseball: throwing a home run ball from an opposing team out of the park. In this case, it was a home run hit by Brewers outfielder Trent Grisham. Bonus points to this young man for reaching the river.

I’ve seen fans throw HR balls back on the field. Some have even made it all the way back to the pitcher’s mound. But throwing it out of the stadium into a river? Yeah, that’s new.

Of course, PNC Park, and specifically that area of PNC Park, affords the fan with a low wall to throw over and reach the river. If, for instance, you were in right field at Yankee Stadium, the prospect of getting it out of the stadium would be impossible. But for all you fans out there who attend games in stadiums like this, the standard has been set.

Your move.